Warren R. Stein and Lisa Cody-Smith have definitely changed my life. I was in a very tough custody/visitation battle with my son’s mother and they educated me with the legalities of my situation. Not only did I get to spend the time I want with my son, but they even exceeded my expectations by providing the necessary proceedings of acquiring even more time with my son that I didn’t know I was entitled to. Spending as much time with my son is priceless to me…Warren and Lisa helped me get what I wanted and more. Their vast, and what seemed limitless knowledge of the law and their professionalism is by far, the best I have seen in any company or industry. Should I ever need legal advice or assistance, I will be a client of theirs as long as they’re in practice. To me, there just isn’t any other attorney and paralegal. I thank you, Warren and Lisa, you have definitely enriched my life with the gift of a father spending time with his son.